CIE Workshop "A New Vision of Visibility for Roadway Lighting", May 24 - 25, 2018, Berlin, Germany

Why are we lighting our roads? All road users should be able to see objects on the road and should be seen by others. Good visibility conditions are required for safe and comfortable travel on the roadway.

 Several different approaches have been developed for the description of visibility conditions. Unfortunately, these methods have never been used in the practical lighting design process.  The drawbacks of these systems have been that they are difficult to implement in a design environment and the validation of the metrics to roadway users and roadway safety has been difficult.

Additionally some tools that are required to provide input into the design approaches have been missing. These include, among others, simple measurement methods for road reflection, optimization tools for reflector or lens design, luminaries with adjustable light distributions and affordable image luminance measurements.

New technology however is allowing us to overcome some of these weaknesses. LED technology and spatially resolved Luminance measurement methods allow us to implement methods for using the visibility metrics. We can now create variable light distributions and spatially resolve Luminance measurements in the roadway environment. This allows us to discover if the lighted space is comparable with the visual environment we have simulated before.

This workshop should analyze and critically discuss the potential of different visibility concepts. The result of the workshop should be a decision whether the CIE needs a new technical report about this topic. If you are interested to discuss this exciting topic with leading researchers in this area, please register!

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